Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants

The Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants site is dedicated in loving memory to our ancestors who died in the massacre at Mountain Meadows, Utah September 7-11th, 1857.                                                            

   120 men, women and children traveling in the wealthy wagon train headed to California were killed at Mountain Meadows. Only 17 children were allowed to live–all under the age of 7.                                                                                                        

This site is for the descendants and family members of those who died at the Massacre so that we can share family histories, photographs, remembrances and research. We welcome and value input and expertise from historians and others interested in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Live Web Cam Feed:
Live Webcam Feed

Crosses Placed Near Monument that Honors the Fallen – Sept 2007

Monument – 1877

Monument – 1900

Monument – 1932


  1. Solomon Wood and his brother were my ggg-uncles, how can I converse with other desendents

    • Hi Billy. So, SOOOOOO sorry for this slow reply. I’m trying to find someone who has time to answer each comment. Anyway, we have several Wood family members in our group. Contact Dianna Gencarelli (Wood Family) at We’d love to have you join our group! Our annual meeting will be held this year in Harrison, Arkansas on September 11th.

    • William Wood was my ggg grandfather. You can contact me

      • Solomon and William would were also my great great grandUncles. They were brothers to Nancy Wood who married Thomas Patterson, whom are my great-great-grandparents. I too would like to correspond with other wood descendants.
        Dianna Gencarelli
        Tulsa, Ok

    • Hi Billy. Sorry, haven’t been surfing the net much of late, been focusing on my husbands side of the “family tree” Anyways, William Wood (Solomon’s brother) was my Great-Great Grandfather. My email is if you want to connect up. I have quite a few Wood family members on my ancestry tree, so if you want to share your email, I can hook you in and you can see.

  2. Soloman Wood and his brother William Wood are my GG Uncles. You may contact me at

    • Hi Dianna. Wanted to make sure you were aware of our annual meeting in Harrison, Arkansas on the 11th of September, 2015. Would love to have you join us.

  3. To all of the dear decedents of those brave and wonderful victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre: You are all loved and are very special because you are a living link to this heart breaking event. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of this horrendous offense until these past few days and it deeply broke my heart to discover it, despite the fact that it happened 160 years ago and it has no relation to me at all, except that these innocent people are fellow Americans. I know that I would have loved all of these brave adventurers on this Fancher-Taylor wagon train. All of these brave families that gathered all of their possessions and livestock, and were brimming with excitement to be traveling to a new land that they felt was full of fresh promise and happiness for themselves and their children. Now, as I even just go to the grocery store, I see wonderful people walking around buying food off of the shelves, and I think these people are no different than those innocent massacred on Sept. 11 1857, and it just breaks my heart to think how anyone would want to hurt them. Partly because they never had their justice for this terrible offence and partly because I’ve never known about it until after my 67th birthday. I just feel that this sad event should not go unnoticed by anyone.

  4. I am a descendant of the Dunlap family. The Great Great Great Granddaughter of Jesse Dunlap Jr & Mary Wharton Dunlap that were brutally murdered in this massacre. Along with 7 of their 10 children that were brutally murdered. Out of the 3 surviving children, were my 2 Aunts and my Great Great Grandmother Rebecca Jane Dunlap Evins. Please add my email address for any communications about information about my relatives please.

  5. will the ceremony to return the remains of the victims collected by the military in 1859 be held this year.. sept 9 2017??

  6. anyone have more info on the ceremony to return remains on Sept 9 2017?? a skull and more were collected by the military in 1859 and stored in DC ever since..

    • If you go to, click on news and then the June 2017 newsletter, you will find the info you are looking for.

  7. Im deeply sorry for that horrible event. I would like to attend this year anniversary and honor the dead. Im from Colombia,live in Orem. How can I get there?

  8. I have just recently discovered that I am a descendant of the Tackett’s that suffered through this. I’m not exactly sure how, but if someone could fill me in I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!

    • Hi Christina. Sorry for the slow reply! This might help….To help with genealogy questions, click the “Massacre” button, then click on “genealogy”.

  9. Is Bob Fancher alive is there a contact number for family.His gggrandfather was also mine. He came from first wife I came from second wife.Would like to get in contact with family.

    • Hi Linda. No, sadly Bob died a couple of years ago. I am a Fancher. Could I maybe help?

  10. In response to Christina Bentley, I also am a Tackett descendant. You left no way to contact, but I am at Would love to compare notes with another “cousin”. Steve Foster

  11. I believe that I am the great great great grandson of William Wood whose pregnant wife was left home with a child while he and his brther Soloman traveled west to secure a home. They were in charge of cattle to my understanding. His wife lost the baby and his other child later in life died of pneumonia in jail awaiting trial for stabbing a man he found in the act of sleeping with his wife. So I have been told.

    • You will be my cousin then. I descend through Nancy Wood, sister of William Wood. Nancy is my Great-great grandmother. Have you gone to any of the MMM reunions?

  12. Is there any news on the location and dates for the annual meeting this year?

  13. What are the dates of the next annual meeting? Also, does anyone have any information about survivor Mary Miller? Malinda Cameron Scott Thurston lost track of her niece and nephews.

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