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Changes/Updates on Sept 2014 Meeting in Utah


September 10th and 11th, 2014
PLEASE NOTE! ANNUAL MEETING DATE HAS CHANGED. It will be held at the Best Western Abbey Inn in St. George, Utah, on Thursday evening, September 11th, 2014. MMMD HAS A BLOCK OF ROOMS, BUT THEY ARE FILLING FAST. BOOK NOW: BEST WESTERN ABBEY INN, 1129 SOUTH BLUFF STREET, ST. GEORGE, UTAH. (ph) 435-652-1234.

Wednesday evening, 09/10/14 – 6:00 – 8:00pm AT ABBEY INN. Fellowship and snacks
Thursday 09/11/14 9:00 a.m. (at 1999 Burial Monument, Mountain Meadows Massacre Site)
NOTE: The Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants; The MMMF and MMA are all invited to participate in the dedication of two additional monuments on Thursday, September 11th. Each group will have a short part in each ceremony. We will have a Song, a Prayer, and the names of those who died and survived the Mountain Meadows Massacre will be read at each of the three stops at the monuments; (1) the Monument to the Ten; (2) The Monument to the Men and Boys; and (3) the new Monument to the Women, Girls and Injured at the upper site. Each of the three stops will consist of a Song, Prayer and the names being read.

September 11th, 9 a.m. Everyone meets at Main Monument. We will have a short dedication ceremony at the new monument to the Ten who died during the initial 5-day siege, that our people, their family and friends, refused to leave the encampment until they had given them a proper burial. We will Honor the Victims and Remember the horrific 5 day siege and the deception of the white flag “promise of safety”

NEXT: We (those who are able) will walk the “Trail of Death”, the trail our family took northward out of their encampment. This is an experience you will never forget! Very emotional. (A bit difficult unless you are used to walking) You are welcome to drive.

NEXT: We will stop at the Monument to the Men and Boys. (Water and restroom available) We will have a short ceremony here with Song, Prayer and Reading of the Names.

NEXT: We will walk on up the “Trail of Death” to the new Monument to where the Women, Girls and Injured are believed to be buried in mass graves. We will have a Song, Prayer and Reading of the Names.
**There will be vans to transport us back down to the main monument.

OUR MMMD ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the BW Abbey Inn in St. George on Thursday evening, September 11th, with doors opening at 5:30 p.m. MMMD is hosting a buffet meal beginning at 6pm. NOTE: TO PREPARE ENOUGH FOOD WE NEED A HEAD COUNT. PLEASE EMAIL PATTY or CHERI asap with the approximate number in your party attending the meal and meeting on Thursday evening. Following will be our annual meeting. BRING YOUR DOOR PRIZES!!!!!!!

Things to be discussed at our meeting: DNA options, pros and cons and instructions if we go forward (voting). Update on the power line issues; Update on the two skulls we have found (we only currently have possession of one) what steps we’ve taken and future plans; Update on our organization and future plans and information. We will vote on and seat a new Board and Advisory Board. SEND YOUR NOMINATIONS TO PATTY NORRIS BY AUGUST 1st. You can nominate yourself too! ALL OFFICERS WILL BE SEATED. PRESIDENT–VICE PRESIDENT—TREASURER—SECRETARY–NEWS EDITOR. (The MMMD Board is made up of direct and next-of-kin to the victims). We also will be seating a new Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a VERY important part of our organization. These individuals don’t have to be members of the MMMD or relatives; but must be knowledgeable and concerned about our organization and the commitment to Honor and Preserve the Memory of the MMM Victims. They are looked to for input and guidance in directing our organization. ALSO!!! Bring your poems, scriptures, family stories, pictures, et cetera, to share at the meeting. Kenny Hightower, a direct line RUSH descendant, will be sharing his ministry in music for us. Our “program” will be YOU. Please come and share.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th is a free day to enjoy the beauty of the area and visit key sites relating to our wagon train people and their journey. SEE YOU THERE!

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