In Memoriam — The Slain

       Between September 7 and 11, 1857 more than 122 Arkansas emigrants led by Captain John T. Baker and Captain Alexander Fancher were attacked and killed in Utah while en route to California. This historic event is known as The Mountain Meadows Massacre.

An incomplete list of those believed to have been killed at or near Mountain Meadows is as follows:

Aden, William Allen, 19
Baker, George W., 27
Baker, Manerva A. Beller, 25
Mary Loivna, 7
Beller, Melissa Ann, 14
Beller, David W., 12
Baker, John T.,52
Baker, Able ,19
Beach, John, 21
Cameron, William, 51
Cameron, Martha, 51
Tillman, 24
Isom, 18
Henry, 16
James, 14
Martha, 11
Larkin, 8
William’s niece:
Nancy, 12
Deshazo, Allen P., 20
Dunlap, Jesse Jr., 39
Dunlap, Mary Wharton, 39
Ellender, 18
Nancy M., 16
James D., 14
Lucinda, 12
Susannah, 12
Margerette, 11
Mary Ann, 9
Dunlap, Lorenzo Dow, 42
Dunlap, Nancy Wharton, 42
Thomas J., 17
John H.,16
Mary Ann, 13
Talitha Emaline, 11
Nancy, 9
America Jane, 7
Eaton, William M.
Edwards, Silas
Fancher, Alexander, 45
Fancher, Eliza Ingrum, 32
Hampton, 19
William, 17
Mary, 15
Thomas, 14
Martha, 10
Sarah G., 8
Margaret A., 8
Fancher, James Matthew, 25
Fancher, Frances “Fanny” Fulfer
Fancher, Robert, 19
Huff, Saldia Ann Brown
Two other sons
Jones, John Milum, 32
Jones, Eloah Angeline Tackitt, 27
Jones, Newton
McEntire, Lawson A.,21
Miller, Josiah (Joseph), 30
Miller, Matilda Cameron, 26
James William, 9
Mitchell, Charles R., 25
Mitchell, Sarah C. Baker, 21
John, infant
Mitchell, Joel D., 23
Prewit, John, 20
Prewit, William, 18
Rush, Milum L., 28
Stallcup, Charles, 25
Tackitt, Cynthia, 49
Marion, 20
Sebron, 18
Matilda, 16
James M., 14
Jones M., 12
Tackitt, Pleasant, 25
Tackitt, Armilda Miller, 22
Wilson, Richard
Wood, Solomon R., 20
Wood, William , 26
Other people associated with wagon train:
Basham, (George D.?)
Hamilton, (Thomas ?)
Haydon, (James C.?)
Hudson, (David ?)
Laffoon family
Morton family, (Charles H.?)
Poteet family
Reed, (John Perkins?)
Smith, (Alf?)
Stevenson, (Mordecai?)


  1. In my family, we have the story of the death of my great-grand aunt at the massacre. She was Charity Porter (and probably her two children) – she was married to Edward Cohen – we assume he was killed also. Charity was born in what is now Illinois – 19 April 1818. Her father and mother were Guinn & Rachel (Daughtery) Porter.

    • Hi Patrick. Thank you for your note. We have a family in our organization named Koen. I’m wondering if this is your family connection. You can email me directly at You are so welcome to our annual meeting in Harrison, Arkansas, on September 11th.

  2. Not all we’re returned to Arkansas. 9 were taken by a preacher to Missouri and raised there. My great grandfather Pierce Butler Rice was one of them

    • This is new to me can you tell me their names.

  3. Does anyone know anything about George Basham? My great great grandfather James Franklin Basham and wife Dicey Waggoner Basham we think were from Mountain View, Arkansas and we wonder if this gentleman may have been a relative. Lynell Johnson

  4. I was working on my family tree and discovered the note that a Great Aunt Isobel or Isabella Harsin had survived the Survived Mountain Meadow Massacre in 1857. I can’t find her listed. I have her parents as John Daughty. Harsin sometimes mistakenly listed as John Douglas Harsin (son of Elizabeth Doughty and Garet Harsin) and his third wife Elizabeth Carter (daughter of Wilford Carter). Except in 1857 he would have been married to his second wife Catherine M. Newman and living in Marion County, Iowa. I would be descendant from his first wife Katherine Seney. Does any one have any information? Thank you.

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