Genealogy of Each Family

Mary Baker Ledbetter researched and constructed the genealogies for each of the families that traveled in the Baker/Fancher Wagon Train.  Red ink signifies the individuals who died at Mountain Meadows. Blue ink represents the children who survived the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Click on the Surname to view the corresponding genealogy:

                        Aden                       Fulfer

                        Baker                      Huff

                        Beach                      Jones

                        Beller                      McEntire

                        Brown                     Miller

                        Cameron                 Mitchell

                        Coker                      Prewitt

                        Deshazo                  Rush

                        Dunlap                    Tackett

                        Edwards                 Wharton

                        Fancher                  Wilburn



  1. We are descendants of Felix Marion Jones and would like to be added to your email list. Thank you. Albert and Beverly mccalla (our cousin, gene mallard, forwarded this to us).

    • I don’t know if anyone ever responded to your comment. So SOOOO sorry if not. WELCOME. I will make sure you are added to our newsletter list. Our annual MMMD meeting will be held on September 11-12th in Harrison, Arkansas. You can find all the information in this site. We’d LOVE to have you attend. If you have any questions, please contact me Again, welcome. We just don’t have enough people to stay on top of the comments left, but that will change soon.

  2. Does anyone know if a complete manifest of the Fancher party exists? In the mid-eighty’s my sister traced where our Great Great Great Grandfather joined the Fancher party in Arkansas in 1857 and was never heard from again. There were rumors he and his wife (G G G Grandmother) were killed by Indians but we have never been able to find their names on any list of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
    My Grandfather’s name was John Boyer

    • Hi Jim. (I’m so sorry for the slow reply—we don’t have anyone to regularly monitor our web entries) We do, in fact, have a complete log of the wagon train families, their connections etc. You can contact me directly (I will reply faster) at I’ll look for the name JOHN BOYER. Let’s see if we can find something. But, our list is just the family connections. The mormons stole/destroyed all the paperwork from the wagon train, so we don’t actually have an exact log of those individual. That is so sad to me, the names that are lost to us. I’ve asked/begged the LDS Church to share the information they have, but so far have gotten nothing. Thanks for your interest

    • Jim – I am a descendant of your John Boyer’s brother William Henry Boyer. I would love to get in touch with you. My email is beckydrake2005@yahoo dot com

  3. We had more than one set of family in this massacre. The Dunlap, and Wharton, a lot of them maybe related to us, because back the family stayed together a lot. But either way we the family know the truth.

  4. Thank you Mary Baker Ledbetter for your research.

    RIP. GGG Uncles : John Miley Jones and
    Newton Jones and Cousin Sophronia Jones.

  5. I’d like to know a complete listing of the Mormons involved in this deal. I come from Mormons on booth sides and I’d like to know why the members of my family all look like Native Americans ! Our genealogy records from right about this time period gets mysteriously and so it seems purposely confused !
    Steve Morse.

  6. i am a descendant of William Twitty Baker he was the 9 month oid survivor. He was my great great grand father My name is Richard R Baker would like to hear from any other descendants

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