The Survivors

The Baker/Fancher Wagon Train consisted of more than 150 men, women and children. Only 17 survived, all under the age of 7. The Mormons believed that children became “adult” at the age of 8. It is speculated that they wanted no “adult” survivors who could give credible testimony to the heinous crimes committed.

The following is a list of the children who were  taken back to Arkansas 2 years after the massacre:

          Children of George and Manerva Baker
Martha Elizabeth “Betty” Baker, 5
Sarah Frances “Sallie” Baker, 3
William Twitty Baker, 9 months

          Daughters of Jesse and Mary Wharton Dunlap
Rebecca J. Dunlap, 6
Louisa Dunlap, 4
Sarah E. Dunlap, 1

          Daughters of Lorenzo and Nancy Wharton Dunlap
Prudence Angeline Dunlap, 5
Georgia Ann Dunlap, 18 months

          Children of Alexander and Eliza Fancher
Christopher “Kit” Carson Fancher, 5
Triphenia D. Fancher, 22 months

          Daughter of Peter and Saldia Huff
Nancy Saphrona Huff, 4

          Son of John Milum Jones and Eloah Tackitt Jones
Felix Marion Jones, 18 months

          Children of Josiah Miller and Matilda Cameron Miller
John Calvin, 6
Mary, 4
Joseph , 1

          Sons of Pleasant and Armilda Miller Tackitt
Emberson Milum, 4
William Henry, 19 months


  1. William Twitty Baker was my mother, Shirley Alexander’s, grandfather. To think that if he hadn’t have lived we would not be here is just amazing.

    • Hi Regina. We have a LOT of your family in our group! We’d love to have you join our organization. We are extremely active and constantly working to honor and remember our families who died at Mountain Meadows.

    • Twitty Baker is my great grandfather…my grandmother was Ruby Baker his daughter…have never actively been part of the groups as I really did not know of the history until I was grown…

  2. My grandsons are Fanchers, I think they are descendants of Christopher Carson Fancher, the only surviving Fancher male.

  3. Do you guys realize that the wagon in front of the Mormon church belonged to our great great great grandfather there are pictures of it on ?

    • In front of the Church who murdered you relatives, what is your wagon diong there??
      should it not be mounted at the memorial. It is an original, priceless!
      Where are all the other wagons and goods, rifles, household items etc, that were distributed amongst the perpetrators? apparently the Indians were also stiffed getting nothing of the spoil.

  4. Why didn’t the surviving children leave LDS as soon as they came of age? I would have.

  5. I remember reading if a young male survivor with a surname of Beers.

  6. Twitty Baker is my great grandfather…my Grandmother is Ruby Baker his daughter…I would like to get more info as I really was never informed about all this until I was grown…like some info about the organization and such…thanks…

  7. Where is the Beers child listed? He was dropped off at an old mans cabin after the massacre. I believe my GGG Grandfather Robert Beer and his family were on that train. Where are they listed?

  8. Prudence Angeline Dunlap was my great grandmother. I am visiting the site for the first time in September 2020. I’m planning on taking a picture of my her and taking pictures at the memorial. The movie “September Dawn” brought tears to my eyes as I couldn’t imagine the fear she went through.

  9. Mary E Dunlap was my great grandmother. Her uncles and cousins were killed and 5 girls survived. They lived together in James Dunlaps household.

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