Wagon Train Kinships

Many on the wagon train were related to each other by blood or by marriage–or both. Click here to view a chart compiled by Mary Baker Ledbetter that shows the family relationships.


  1. I don’t know if anyone realizes but the two people who showed Parley Pratt compassion during the trial and afterwards were related to the massacred. James Orme who sheltered him in the jail and gave him a horse to escape and then found him after he was shot and offered to go get doctor was the brother in law of Mahalia Orme – sister of John Twitty Baker. William Seward, (was a childhood friend of Pratt’s from New York) built a pecan wood casket and covered funeral expenses and made sure Parley Pratt had a Christian funeral was also directly related to the Ormes and Bakers. Ironic, and so sad. Also, the wagon train had already departed Arkansas when Pratt was killed so they had nothing to do with it.

  2. Sorry, Mahalia Couch Orme was the niece of John Twitty Baker and the daughter of his sister Mary Couch.

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