MMMD Organization

The Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants organization came about after months of discussion and prayer with a simple, yet unique purpose. The descendants and families of those who were killed at Mountain Meadows have intimate knowledge of what their ancestors thought, what motivated them and what they would want done with their remains. After all, their massacre had a direct, devastating impact on our families.

Through the MMMD, the descendants of those who died are acknowledged and recognized as the group that has primary input into what actions are taken regarding our ancestors’ remains and the land where they rest. It is our desire to work as a group to encourage and maintain an atmosphere of honor, truthfulness and love for our ancestors who died September 11th, 1857.

We also hope to bring together long-lost descendants of the victims so that all of us may know the unique history and legacy that unites us. Already, many new friendships have been formed and memories shared. God bless this organization that we will bring honor to our families massacred at Mountain Meadows, Utah.


  1. Do you have a schedule for the burial of the remains of victims that were collected by the military in 1859 and stored in washington DC ever since? There is to be some sort of ceremony sept 9, 2017

  2. I would like to offer a copy of Ivon Blum’s new novel based on the Mountain Meadows Massacre to your organization. “Inquest in Zion” is a tale of the aftermath and revenge related to the atrocity.

  3. I read about people having an activity coming up soon to do with the mountain meadows. Do you all know what is coming up? I lost the information

  4. Was at the monument early Friday morning May 7th 2021. I was alone and it was a very emotional experience. I was both angry and sad.

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