MMMD Officers

Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants – Elected Officers
President Patty Norris Direct Descendant – Capt. Fancher
Vice President Open
Treasurer Cheri B. Walker

President                 Patty Norris    Direct Descendant – Capt. Fancher
Vice President       Open
Treasurer                Cheri B. Walker   Direct Descendant – Capt. Baker
Secretary                 Mary Bump     Dunlap Descendant
Family Historian     Mary Ledbetter
News Editor           Chris Horsfield;  Direct Descendant – Captain Baker
Parlimentarian     Billy Hightower;    Direct Descendant, Rush

MMMD – Advisory Board
Donald R. Baker     Direct Descendant – Capt. Baker
Roger V. Logan, Jr.      Dunlap Descendant
June Honiker          Direct Descendant – Capt. Baker
Ron Mitchell            Direct Descendant – Mitchell; Ron Loving;             Lateral Descendant – Fancher
Kenny Hightower       Direct Descendant – Rush
Brian Patrick           MMMD Friend/Supporter; “Burying the Past” Documentary


  1. I”m interested in finding out if there will be a gathering this year (2016) of the descendants? I am a member of the association and received a letter in response to interest in that. I responded with a YES.
    Have not heard or received any information concerning the decision.

    Carolyn Hurst (direct descendant of the Baker family.)
    Merlin Or. 97532

    • I’m also a Baker descendant. I tried to call you, but your number is unlisted. I have a lot of genealogy/meeting info and would like to share. email me at ldean********

      • Lindsay, I would be interested in talking with you. My number is 541 479-xxxx
        Carolyn Hurst

  2. I have tried to contact Patty Norris buy I’m not able to find her contact information. I’m interested in discussing the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Please contact me at the email I have provided. Respectfully.

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