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Memorial placed at Leachy Spring to William Aden, who with another young man (Able Baker?) rode out of the beseiged camp for help. At Leachy Spg they were accosted by mormon men and shot. Young Aden died there, and the other young man escaped, but was wounded.


  1. I heard that Tilghmon Cameron was one of 3 men to ride out for help. Tilghmon would have been on his racing mare One Eyed Blaze.

    • Very possibly…’s my understanding two rode north toward Cedar City to get help and when they came upon the mormons at Leachy Spring, when Aden identified himself, he was shot dead and the other young man, wounded, got away. There were also three young men who
      rode south (toward modern day Las Vegas) to get help and were tracked down and murdered as they slept along the banks of the Muddy
      River. I wish we had these answers of who these young men were. My family had Hamilton Fancher, 19 years old, who might have
      been one of them. Soooooo incredibly horrible that we don’t even know the names of these young heroes. Soooooo so sad! Thanks for
      your comment!

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